PGCS Walt Lipke Award

Walt Lipke Award
Now in its 5th year, the annual Walt Lipke Award is open to speakers at PGCS 2021 who submit a written paper in addition to their presentation slides; industry and academic papers are welcome. Three papers are nominated as finalists each year prior to PGCS, and the winner is announced during the opening plenary session:
The winner will receive:

  • The Walt Lipke Project Governance and Control Excellence Award (Perpetual Trophy)
  • A $1000 cash prize plus an award miniature to keep.
  • Complimentary attendance at PGCS, and
  • The presentation of your paper to the PGCS plenary as a Key Note speaker.

The runners-up will receive:

  • Complimentary attendance at PGCS (registration fees will be refunded if paid prior).
  • Presentation of your paper in the Walt Lipke Award stream.

Selection of the finalists and winner each year is at the sole discretion of the PGCAR academic panel and will be based on your papers:

  • Originality: a new or innovative concept
  • Practicality: the usefulness of the concept in the management of projects, programs and/or portfolios in the Australian context
  • Quality: the merit of the paper. 

Project Governance & Controls Annual Review (PGCAR)
The PGCAR is a refereed journal published by PGCS in the weeks following our Annual Symposium. It includes the Walt Lipke Award winners, other symposium papers of sufficient merit, and academic papers submitted directly to PGCAR. Academic papers (and others on request) are subject to a rigorous double-blind peer review prior to publication.

Note: the PGCAR is open to all Australian academics seeking publication in a refereed journal, attendance at the Symposium is only required to be eligible for the Walt Lipke Award.

For more on the PGCS Symposium and awards see:

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