Stakeholder Circle® Up For Sale

The developer of the Stakeholder Circle® methodology, Dr. Lynda Bourne, has decided that as part of her transition to retirement it is time for the sophisticated SAAS web version of this leading-edge methodology to be transitioned to a new owner better able to exploit its potential.

The elements of the overall Stakeholder Circle® methodology we are actively seeking new owners for are:

  1. The current database system that delivers the Stakeholder Circle® functionality to clients including both the analytics and contact management systems. These are developed in SQL Server and currently hosted by OrangeSoft Pty Ltd.
  2. An earlier FileMaker database system that delivers the Stakeholder Circle®
  3. The Stakeholder Circle® website and URL:
  4. A non-exclusive licence to use the Stakeholder Circle logo and various papers and other IP.

The precise arrangements of the sale and transfer of ownership are very flexible, what Lynda is seeking is an advocate that can take the concepts and exploit the commercial opportunities her work has created. Payment amounts and terms, the precise scope of the IP transfers, and how much assistance we provide to you are open to offer, and agreement.

If you feel you may be interested in this unique opportunity to move your business or organisation to the leading edge of stakeholder analysis we will be happy to talk with you. In the first instance, email your expression of interest to  All offers and ideas will be considered and assessed based on finding a good ‘new home’ for the tool.

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