Google+ uses Circles to manage communication

The idea of stakeholder circles is spreading! Google has begun beta testing a new social networking system that uses the concept of circles to manage friends.

Not in same way as our Stakeholder Circle®, but the Google + Project now lets you put your social contacts into different circles. The Google circles makes it easy to put your friends in one circle, your family in another, and your work colleagues in another; then manage what you share with each group.

Not to be outdone, Facebook engineers have already ported the circle concept to Facebook! The engineers wanted to be able to organise their Facebook friends in the same way you can organise them using Google+. Since it took a bit of hacking to develop, the team of four has called their tool Circle Hack and described it as “A one-night experiment with JavaScript (not affiliated with Facebook).”

Just for the record, we invented the Stakeholder Circle® in 2003, and the name is a Registered Trademark. Neither of the two developments above conflict with our mark, and naturally, we thoroughly support the idea of using circles to manage your communication with groups of significant people, friends or stakeholders.

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