PMOZ 2009

We have a busy week coming up. The 6th annual PMOZ (Project Management Australia) conference kicks off on Monday and we have a full workload.

Monday I will be running a workshop with our colleague Bob McGannon on ‘Avoiding project manglement’. This workshop combines Bob’s work on intelligent disobedience with mine on stakeholder management to outline a strategy for effectively advising upwards to help your project avoid sinking into the political swamp (manglement).

During the main part of the conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have a paper on Communication in organisations: making the schedule effective and Patrick Weaver on Seeing Who’s There – A Brief History of Stakeholder Mapping & Visualisation. We will also be running a short in-conference workshop on our SRMM® model.

Apart from our efforts, there are a range of interesting speakers and events – expect an update from the conference next week.

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